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O1 Visa For Persons With Extra Ordinary Ability

Parents Visa:

With a thriving economy and excellent working opportunities, US become one of the most beloved destinations to work and live. Nowadays, many people are moving to US in order to explore better avenues, which has always been a preferred choice of citizens of several countries. In fact, such a large number of professionals have moved to the United States, USA has also come up with different categories of visas like Parents Visa, family visa, spouse visa, H1B visa, fiancé visa, children visa for foreign professionals who aspire to move and work in the country.

We at TNLS (Trans National Legal Service Pvt. Ltd) make your immigration process absolutely hassle free. However it may involve a lot of paperwork to be completed and experience shows that it is always better to consult the immigration specialists on the matter, because by being on our own you may miss out on some important formalities. Our expert immigration professionals will serves as an advisor and advocate for clients as we endeavour to secure you legal status in the U.S. Having a great deal of knowledge and experience in immigration law, we know all the legitimate shortcuts and able to file the application for you, addressing any issues that may arise during the Parents visa process. We are providing the opportunities for individuals wishing to permanently or temporarily enter the United States to do so legally and correctly.

Parents Visa Specifications:

Employment authorisation: The parent visa applicants in the United States are allowed to apply for the employment authorization by filling the form 1-485. If they were outside the US, they will get a passport stamp, which allows them to work in the US until they receive permanent resident card.

Green card: Parents Visa holders are eligible to apply for the green card as they are the parents of US citizens who have a chance to live permanently in US. But the Green card holders do not have a chance to bring their parents to live permanently in the US.

Limitation: It is valid up to life time from the date of issue and you can live permanently in the US.

Duration time: It will takes up to 5-9 months to approve your parents visa petition and it may take up to 4 years for other categories.

Fees: The parent visa applicant need to pay the visa interview fees which is 420 USD for long-time process and 230 USD for immediate process to the visa consulate for interview to be conducted by consular officer, which is non-refundable, if the visa application is rejected after the interview.

Travel: The parent visa holders have to submit form 1-131 for travel authorisation in order to travel in and outside the US, whenever they want for up to 5 years from the day the visa was granted.

Requisites to apply for Parents Visa:

  • Sponsor must be resident or citizen of the USA
  • Sponsor must be of at least 21 years to apply a petition for their parents
  • Have Sufficient funds and assets to migrate his parents and to maintain their principal residence in the US
  • Sponsor should sign the affidavit of support to migrate his parents
  • Need to get the approval of immigration visa petition 1-130 from USCIS.
  • Applicantâ??s parents must meet the health and character requirements.

Documents needed to apply for Parent Visa petition:

  • Birth certificate along with your father and mother names
  • Valid copy of your parentsâ?? Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • A copy of marriage certificate of your parents( if both want to migrate to US)
  • Legal documents representing that you are above 18 years age
  • Bank account verification letter
  • Affidavit of support form 1-134
  • Copies of last three bank transactions
  • Copies of last year tax returns-W2 forms
  • Employment letter
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