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H1B Visa For Professionals

H1B Visa:

For millions of job seekers across the globe, the United States of America is the Final Frontier. Settling in the US is a passport to a wealthy lifestyle with quality work experience to boot. Understandably, the threshold is difficult to access for the seekers of prosperity in the land of opportunities ‚?? the USA. The stringent demand from the high paying corporates looking for candidates with quality education coupled with impeccable background makes it all the more tough for migrating to US for shaping up careers. Such candidates are absorbed in to the US job market by business entities through the gate way of H1B Visas- the employment based visas applicable for limited-time or project specific workers.

Why you should plan For a U.S. Job?

  • Friendly and upwardly mobile work environment.
  • Experts drawn from a wide firmament
  • Effectual knowledge transfer
  • Lucrative Remuneration packages
  • Highly competitive work podium
  • Evolved corporate culture
  • Well defined tax structure for ease of economic planning
  • Flexible work culture
  • Better life style coupled with growth oriented society.

Considered to be one of the premium types of visas, the H1B work Visa is hard to procure with stringent parameters for candidates. Changing economic and political equations have made the process stiffer. We at TransNational Legal Services understand from the basics to the minute like the back of our palm. We provide seamless processing services to charter you to your dream destination without hassles.

H1B Visa Specifications:

  • H1B visa limitation- A total of 6 years. Initial approval for first 3 years, extendable by another tranche of 3 years.
  • Re-stamping- required a new stamp for visa extensions approval
  • Multiple employment- H1B Visa holders can work for multiple U.S. employers having a Form I-129 petition approval by each employer. Furthermore, H1B is transferable to a new employer.
  • Travel-H1B visa holders can travel without restrictions on number or places, within the specified visa validity period
  • Vacation- An H1B alien can go on vacations, as long as association with the employer is legal.
  • Family Status-The spouse and unmarried children (up to age of 21) of H1B holders are permitted to stay in USA under the H4 category for the same duration as of the H1B.
  • Green Card or Permanent Residency- H1B holders are eligible to apply for Green card.
  • Investment- H1B visa holder can buy or sell real estate, any other property or lottery in U.S. and/or can invest in the stock market as well.

Minimal H1B visa requirement:

  • Visa applicant must have a job offered by a U.S. employer
  • Applicant must satisfy all the educational and experience parameters for the offered job
  • The minimum qualification is the bachelor degree or an equivalent degree
  • Have all the required license for the corresponding job

Our servings:

TNLS, P.C- is one of the leading h1 visa consultants with profound knowledge of applicable law and practices of the trade. Our proficient approach and handling makes the entire visa processing a walk in the garden for visa aspirants. Let not the inbuilt hurdles of this specialty occupational visa dampen your dreams. We value your aspirations and extend a soft path to your journey towards realizing them. Our services include (but not limited to)-

  • Client communications and case management
  • Required and supportive documentation assistance
  • Adherence to legal procedures
  • Arrange medical test and all other essential tests

TNLS‚?? specialty work flow:

  • Focused and targeted platform for immigration to USA
  • Highly qualified and experienced immigration attorneys
  • Unique immigration and non-immigration services
  • Over two decades of experience being an active service provider from 1994
  • We value our clients
  • Multinational corporations to individuals
  • Multi-channel corporate offices
  • State-of-the-art technology for research work
  • Constant eye on developments in immigration law
  • Professional approach to client's petitions
  • Adept legal staff to handle your immigration interviews
  • Let our global clients to monitor the development and progress of their petition
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